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Protect Your
Modern Data Center

Protecting workloads, segmentation
or whitelisting your #1 concern?

Data centers are constantly evolving. Modern applications no longer reside in just a company’s physical data center but increasingly in a multicloud environment as well. Let us help you get in control of your data center with the Cisco Secure Data Center solution. Cisco is the only company to provide complete visibility, robust multilayered segmentation, and threat protection capabilities that are tightly integrated, adaptive, and more effective in securing the workload wherever it might go.

The Cisco Secure Data Center solution:

• Provides deep and complete visibility of users, devices, networks, applications, workloads, and processes, allowing you to see everything

• Implements segmentation, reducing the attack surface, to prevent attackers from moving laterally east-west with application whitelisting and microsegmentation

• Quickly detects, blocks, and responds to attacks before hackers can steal data or disrupt operations

• Constantly learns, adapts, and protects changing networks by dynamically detecting and mitigating new threats that might arise